We are committed to excellence in performance through preventive maintenance programs tailored to meet your facility requirements. Our unique approach in developing proactive and comprehensive maintenance programs is a proven method in the reduction of untimely and costly mechanical failures. ACROSS ENGITECH Service programs are designed not only to reduce breakdowns, but to lower operating costs, extend equipment life and protect your INVESTMENT Type your paragraph here.

  • Providing Solutions of Air Conditioning and Air Cooling for Industrial, Commercial, Residential Type of Buildings.

  • Ventilation and Exhaust Solutions for Basement parking, Common Toilets and Industrial Purpose.

  • Complete HVAC Solutions for Hotel Industry with Cold Rooms And Other Equipment's Like LED Ect.

  • Providing All HVAC Solution with proper Consultancy by Calculating proper Heat Load of Building and Drawing Drafting.

  • Budgeted Estimation with Best Efficient Products available latest Technology in market.

  • Cold Rooms and Cold Storage Solutions for Refrigeration Customers.

  • Annual Maintenance Service for Air Conditioning and Other HVAC Equipment’s.

  • Duct Cleaning Work for improving indoor Air Quality for Existing Ducts in Building.

  • Planning and Designing

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